Amira for Multilingual Learners

Research shows that Amira works for all students, but especially well for Emerging Multilingual (ELL) students.

University of British Columbia

Evidence for Accelerating Reading Mastery for Emerging Multilingual Students

A series of studies done by researchers at the University of British Columbia found that the Intelligent Reading Tutor had substantial benefits for English Second Language Learners.

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DePaul University

Evidence for Reading Mastery Acceleration for Students Learning in English and Spanish

A study by DePaul University in Chicago found that bilingual students in Chicago who used the Intelligent Reading Tutor saw significant gains in fluency and word accuracy.  

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Louisiana: A Case Study for English Language Learning Students

The Louisiana Department of Education selected Amira to serve English Language Learners across the state. Today, Amira serves EL students in 16 Louisiana districts. Students working with Amira are experiencing fluency gains that are 2X over expected growth.

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