Amira’s Global Mission

Amira, the world’s first AI reading coach for students, is improving literacy outcomes for students across 15 countries and 5 continents today.

90% of parents, teachers, and students who currently use the product internationally, would recommend Amira.

Amira has international partners in each region. They are deeply connected and support students reading with Amira in public and private school settings. Some international students exceed the reading minutes with Amira of a typical US student.

Reading fluency growth for international students using Amira is nearly three times higher than the growth shown by students not reading with Amira.

Amira Provides an Optimal Solution For Schools Outside the US

Students are able to access Amira through a browser on almost any smart device: school approved laptops, tablets, desktops, and smart mobile devices with either Android or iOS operating systems.
We provide flexibility to teachers, school leaders, and parents on how best to develop the daily practice of reading with their students, whether it’s during the school day or as a homework solution. 
Students, particularly in Latin America, are experiencing the joy of reading with Amira in both English and Spanish.
Regional leaders can choose content for their students from Amira's vast library. In addition to Amira's thousands of stories, some leaders provide their own content for students to read with Amira.

Try Out Amira for Free Today! 

When you click on one of the links below (based on your region), you will enroll in an easy 20 minute tutorial on how to use your Amira demo accounts. Once completed, you will receive 4 student demo accounts and a teacher account for complimentary use for up to 4 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Spanish First Teachers and School Leaders

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School and Government Leader in India

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All Other School and Government Leaders

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Through our partners, over 1.5 million students are reading with Amira across 15 countries and 5 continents

Amira works with Schools and Partners based in the following countries:

Proven Through Research

Research and empirical evidence (from over 1 million students) shows that students regularly reading with Amira 30-45 minutes per week are growing twice as fast as students who don’t use Amira.
See Our Research

English Language Learners
Demonstrate Accelerated Growth

Amira is shown to be 4x more effective in accelerating reading fluency than other leading EdTech apps focused on literacy and is shown to match human high dosage tutoring.

Fluency Growth in 2022-2023
Additional Words Correct Per Minute (WCPM)

In 20 weeks of usage during the 2022-23 school year, international students frequently reading with Amira increased their fluency at rates that significantly outpaced those who were using with less frequency. Overall fluency acceleration was 2.5 times that of typical students.

“The child feels so encouraged and motivated to move on because they are getting that timely intervention and guidance. I can see a lot of non-readers who were not interested in reading, even they have developed the interest in reading. What can be better than that?”

Ms. Srishti Bajaj, Headmistress: Foundational & Preparatory
More Testimonials

“I love Amira because students can use at home, teachers can offer differentiated learning in school, and students with learning disabilities can be supported.”

Alejandra López Maldonado, Academic Director, Colegio Mirasierra, Monterrey, Mexico
More Testimonials

The First Spanish AI Tutor

Amira Español is the most powerful AI Spanish tutor; she's bilingual, adaptive and grounded in decades of research.
Learn More

Amira is a Great Solution for Schools

The results so far have been impressive. In City Montessori Schools (“CMS”) in Lucknow, India and surrounding areas, Amira has been utilized as a homework solution. Reading growth for students has been as high or higher than other schools in India. Hear from one of the school leaders of CMS on their experience with Amira.

International Large Scale Implementation

Amira has successfully implemented its solutions across large cities and states in the US and select countries outside the US. Hear from some of the students in one of the public schools in Delhi on their experiences with Amira.

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