Why Amira?

For the first time ever, students can read aloud to their own personal tutor, receiving in-the-moment instruction. As students practice & grow, teachers gain insight, receiving continuous reports on each student’s needs and skill gaps.

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The Next Generation of EdTech

Science of Reading Interventions paired with voice recognition means every child is reading in their voice and getting in-the-moment support.

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The Proof is in the Outcomes

Multiple independent analyses demonstrate students reading with Amira for just 10 minutes a day grow at a rate 2x the national average.

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Every Child Deserves a
Personalized Tutor.

For the first time ever, every student can have access to a reading tutor that listens to them read and provides support when they struggle.

All Students Benefit

Our research and impact data demonstrate that all students, including those with dyslexia, benefit from Amira.

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Significant Benefit for Students Learning English

English Language Learners benefit even more than native English speakers.

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Every Teacher Deserves an AI Reading Assistant

Teachers have access to immediately updated reports providing details on student skill gaps and curated instructional recommendations.

Flexible Implementation

Amira fits into various school routines, allowing schools the flexibility to ensure students get reading support when they need it.

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Amplify your Science of Reading Program

Amira is built with reading scientists to accelerate your Science of Reading program.

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Created with Reading Scientists

Designed Around the Reading Rope

Builds Both Word Recognition and Comprehension

Provides Individualized Reading Practice

60+ Science of Reading Tutoring Techniques

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