How It Works

Amira is the world’s first intelligent reading assistant that provides personalized tutoring to students at school, after school, or at home. Students working with Amira experience significant improvements in their reading fluency.

The Student Experience

Pick a Story

Amira offers students appropriately complex stories and then students have the agency to choose the one for their reading session.

Read Aloud

The student reads out loud to Amira and Amira uses speech recognition technology to listen to the student and identify their reading skill gaps.

Amira Assesses

When students struggle, Amira uses artificial intelligence to select from 60 micro-interventions built by reading scientists and designed to accelerate mastery of phonics, phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Access Tutoring

Amira then delivers immediate and individualized tutoring in the moment of struggle using the selected micro-intervention to help the student improve their reading ability. 

Celebrate Growth

Amira celebrates student Growth and informs them of their progress.

Pick a Story

Amira offers students appropriately complex stories, and the student selects a story to practice reading with.

The Teacher Experience

After each reading session, teachers or tutors are provided with immediately updated and incredibly detailed reports tracking student success or struggle down the phoneme level and across the pillars of reading.
Teachers are also provided with curated links to instructional resources and activities that teachers can use with students outside of Amira.

How Do Teachers Implement Amira in their Classrooms?

For maximum impact, students should use Amira 3x a week for 10-15 minutes a session. Amira fits easily into existing school routines and is often used during:
Independent Reading time
Literacy Block
Station Rotation or Center Time
Intervention Time
Assigned as Homework
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