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Getting started with Amira? This is the course for you! At the end of this 45 minute course, you'll be ready to roll out Amira tomorrow!
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Amira Champions

Are you an Amira Champion? Welcome aboard! In this 60 minute course, you'll get all the resources you need to fuel reading growth!
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Wanting more? View our full course catalog of trainings to learn more about the ways you can grow your readers with Amira.
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Amira in One Minute

Need help with Amira FAST? We've made it easy with a one minute video on every Amira topic under the sun! Search our library.
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Looking for the goods? You've come to the right place. Explore lesson plans, student slide decks, goal setting templates and more!
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Getting Your Classroom Amira Ready

Student Slide Deck

Introducing your students to Amira? We’ve got a plan for that.

Class Goal Poster

Set goals with your class to see how high you can reach with Amira!

Student Tip Poster

These tips can help your students master reading with Amira.

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Champions Form

Do you want to lead the charge for reading growth in your school? Become an Amira Champion! We'll arm you with everything you need to get your whole school reading with Amira and send you swag to celebrate!
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Amira Certified Educators

Want to show off your Amira expertise and be recognized for it? Sign up to become an Amira Certified Educator to get early access to our new course coming this fall!
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Are you a die-hard Amira fan? Do you want to become a part of making Amira better? Apply to become one of Amira's Ambassadors to make a difference and improve Amira for students and teachers around the world!
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