Amira is a better dyslexia screener

In less than 10 minutes, Amira will screen a student for risk of dyslexia.

Utilizing the indicators that best flag the signs of language & reading disorders, such as Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN), Amira's comprehensive screening process reliably identifies students at substantial risk.

Proven and approved

Amira is a digital implementation of the TPRI, licensed to Amira by the University of Texas Health System.

The TPRI is approved by the Texas Education Agency and has been administered to millions of students over two decades.

In longitudinal research conducted by the University of Houston

Identified 90-95% of at-risk kindergartners

Early identification of dyslexia is key. Research has demonstrated that when intervention occurs early, students are able to overcome reading disorders. But, today, most dyslexic children aren't flagged until it's far too late.

Missed only 1 student in 100

The University of Houston tracked thousands of students to determine the predictive power of Amira's dyslexia screener. Fewer than 1 student in 100 was ultimately determined to have been "missed" by the screener.

Demonstrated high predictive validity

In research conducted by the University of Houston, Dr. David Francis found:
"The TPRI screening instruments are unique. Unlike other screeners, the TPRI has predictive validity and is designed to identify risk level and forecast subsequent development of reading problems, including dyslexia."


The Amira Screener covers every area prescribed by state departments of education.

The optimal dyslexia screener

Created by the University of Texas Health System, the McGovern Medical School & the Children's Learning Institute, and validated by Dr. David Francis of the University of Houston and TIME, the Amira/TPRI Dyslexia Screener has enormous advantages.

Easy for students

Screening takes between 5 and 9 minutes, minimizing frustration and boredom. Working with Amira is fun, minimizing test anxiety. Screening is speech-based, minimizing inequity due to variations in digital literacy.

A time and training saver

Amira administers the screener and can work with multiple students at once. Amira scores the items, generates the screening reports, and produces the data exports needed by the district.

Using Amira saves teachers a tremendous amount of time.

100% consistent

Whenever many people are asked to do a complex task, there will be variation. Given the high stakes associated with dyslexia screening, that's a huge problem.
Amira proctors and scores every single assessment precisely the same, for every single student, every single day.

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