Amira for All Students

In ten minutes, identify dyslexia risk for all students. Then use Amira tutoring so every child can have the 1:1 tutor they deserve.

In less than ten minutes, Amira screens students for dyslexia risk.  The screener includes leading indicator tasks like Rapid Automatized Naming and Nonsense Word Fluency.

All students can practice reading with Amira. Students with dyslexia practice with Amira every day and show astounding growth. Customized literacy micro-interventions build the neural pathways necessary for children to succeed with reading.

The Amira Dyslexia Screener is Comprehensive and Tests for Risk in:

Our Dyslexia Screener is Research-Backed and Tested

Amira incorporates the digital implementation for the TPRI Early Reading Assessment. It also includes screener tasks from the best dyslexia research available. Together, the tasks make Amira 98% effective at identifying dyslexia risk in just ten minutes.

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Amira is Highly Accurate 

A recent study conducted by the University of Houston found that Amira successfully identified 98% of students with dyslexia risk. Early identification of dyslexia risk is key to providing students the supports they deserve. Amira can successfully identify dyslexia risk in students as young as kindergarten.

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